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October 2023 (Clockwise from top left): Nicholas Carroll, piano; Barry Poglein and Sam Coco (with Kim Rauch), pops: HighStrung (Smitty and Deese), folk songs; Max Fedore, laments and exultations; Kevin Clemens, organ.

July 2023:  From the top: Bob Bretz and Rich Kingura, Emily Roy, Emily with her teacher Bob Lacovic, the Pazzynski Family and Ukulele Eddie.

April 2023: Clockwise from top left: Henry Davis, Gospel piano; jazz band with students from four high schools; jazz students at lunch; Zelie Eger, violin; and William Jeffrey Jones, organ. 

TNR Apr2023 collage.jpg
TNR Oct 2022 collage.jpg

October 2022 noon recitalists (clockwise from top left): Devon Haselrig and Joshua Rinaman...  Jeffrey Pannebaker...  Alex Price... Michael Garbett... Donna and Russ Miller.

July 2022 Highlights included Chaz Bowers, organ; Johnstown Brass Works, Andrea Blough and Patricia Reavel

TNR July 2022 collage (2).jpg

August 2021: From Top Left: Devon Haselrig and Justin Rohrbaugh; Bryce Rabideau, Jason Rafalak and John Bagnato. The Pazzynski Family with Ukelele Eddie.

April 2021 Recitals featured (from upper left) Henry Davis, Bruce Schettig, Ben Bugaile (with Matthew Sprinkle), Johnstown Christian School Bell Choir.

April 2021 collage.jpg

The Johnstown Christian School High School Bell Choir in April 2021 with Director Kristen Lloyd.

Matthew Sprinkle.JPG
Matthew Sprinkle portrait.jpg

Matthew Sprinkle, who became our organist Sept. 13, presented a

recital of classics and improvisation

Oct. 27, 2020


Highlights from October 2019 Recitals: Clockwise from upper left: Madeline Hoover, Deese and Smitty (HighStrung), Devon Haselrig and Darlene Herndon Seals

Oct2019 Collage.jpg

Donna and Russell

Miller, July 9.

July 2 recital with Sam Coco and Barry Poglein in Central Park.

Highlights from April 2019 Recitals: Clockwise from top left: Greater Johnstown High School Jazz Band; Vox Nova (Mt. Aloysius Chorale); organists Esjoy Wong and Shelby Williams; GJHS band students and faculty; pianist Harriett Miller filling the sanctuary with elegant music.

October 2018 collage.jpg

October 2018 recitalists: (Clockwise from upper left) Robin Malloy, Averyin, Bela Jobb and Anna Thomas, Larry Faust. 

Highlights from July 2018 Recitals.

July2018 recitals.jpg

Highlights from April 2018 Recitals

Highlights from October 2017 Recitals

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Highlights from July 2017 Tuesday Recitals

Greater Johnstown High School Jazz Band at a Tuesday noon recital.

GJHS jazz band with Eric Pfeil, conductor; Fred Yanity of Sen. Langerholc's office; and Deacon Nancy.

Johnstown Christian School Bell Choir at a Tuesday noon recital.

Highlights from April 2017 Tuesday Recitals

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